Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Blog Post - Christo Thankachan

 Liberty Bell
Christo Thankachan
A poem inspired by the Liberty Bell

Oh bell, oh bell,
The mighty bell 
Why did you descended to floor after the fight?
Oh mighty bell that rang all day and night

You were built for liberty by them
And you respected them as a team
But why did they make your sound not heard anymore,
Oh mighty bell that rang all day and night

You lost your pride when you were taken down
You then went across the country as expo material
But you still proclaimed freedom through all land, 
Oh mighty bell that rang all day and night

Did the cracks that took your wonderful voice
And lead you to come down 
But you were once a roaring beast whom everyone respected 
Oh bell that rang all day and night

One day people will realise you 
The ways you used to proclaim liberty
And then you will be up there 
Oh bell that rang all day and night


  1. Christo,

    I am really quite moved by this piece. I love how in the third stanza you imply that taking the Bell from the tower and turning it into "expo material" was cheapening it, but that it "still proclaimed freedom." I also appreciate that you end on a hopeful note; the Bell will someday return to its former glory.

  2. Hi Christo;
    I have to say that it is very impressive how you were able to summarize the story of the Liberty Bell in your poem. I especially like the way in which you repeated the refrain, " Oh bell that rang all day and night" I especially liked the last stanza were you emphasize the continued use of the Bell as a symbol of Liberty and Freedom. Great poem.

  3. I enjoyed your poem. It is a shame that we do not have time travel. I would have liked to hear the bell ring on the day they announced to the public that we were starting a new form of goverment.

  4. Your repetition of the phrase “Oh mighty bell that rang all day and night” creates powerful imagery but what are you trying to say by changing the phrase slightly in the last two paragraphs to “Oh bell that rang all day and night” Are you reinforcing the ideas that we have lost something?

  5. I like that this poem asks the Liberty Bell a question; so many people approach symbols like the bell thinking that they know exactly what it means and how other people should think about that symbol. But this poem asks questions instead of pretending to have all the answers.
    My favorite line is the one that describes the bell as a "roaring beast." Such a vivid image that makes me see the bell in a new light.

  6. Your poem evokes a journey, and it symbolizes elements of beauty, strength, difficulty, and triumph. It is written with symbolism and sparks literal meaning. Wonderfully written!

  7. For decades, I have watched people take in the bell. So many perspectives, but your poem has made me think about the day it was silenced and the people of that day and what it meant for them. It also makes me rethink how to communicate the silent message of liberty that the bell tolls today.