Thursday, August 2, 2018

Blog Post - Ife Islam

In the heart of the each cat there is France
Every dog sings American blues
Every bird flies with the spirit of Brazil
And elephants know Cuban news

The frogs, they leap like India
And fish, they are proud like Uruguay
The ducks, they shout like Nigerian people
And spiders they crawl Australian days

Oh! How the animals play!

Monkeys swing like Mexican dancers
I feel Chile in the bats
The deer, they run like Argentina
And bears wear Italian hats

The pigs they laugh like the Germans
Like the people of Morocco, no peacock’s the same
Snakes they hunt like the Maori people
of islands to grand for this game

The mice are quiet like England
Squirrels they scurry like China
The whales sing Canadian songs

And if we weren’t so human
We’d probably sing right along!


  1. I love the whimsical quality of this poem. You play with language using similes and metaphors that make me laugh and yearn for friends who wear Italian hats, swing like Mexican dancers, and who are not afraid to sing! Thanks for making me smile!

  2. I love the scope of this poem, both in the diversity of animals and the way you survey the entire world. There’s such a sense of fun and movement due to the way you describe the actions of the animals—they sing, leap, shout, swing. My favorite image is of bears wearing Italian hats.
    This piece reminds me of the folklore and stories I read when I was younger, it’s so creative.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this poem The tone is so joyful. The images and the qualities attributed to the animals are spot-on. Whales do sing Canadian songs and the poem makes me want to sing too!

  4. Great fun to read. The many pictures in my mind are having a ball. Can not pick a favorite line. Outstanding writing by the author. I tried to do a few myself, not easy.

  5. Awesome and interesting read. Very creative and true... We probably would sing along. Nice Poem!

  6. Ife,
    "Oh! How the animals play!" puts it so well. If we could only learn to play as they do then perhaps we will experience the joy they appear to have.