Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Blog Post - Dylan Henry

by Dylan Henry

I find no inspiration when the light shines my way, but only when I find myself in my darkest thoughts
I doubt myself when you commend yourself so proudly
Discovering my confidence is much worse than it seems
I may feel like I’m in the tunnel forever
I may feel like time stops and I’m stuck staring at my own reflection through the glass
And in the tunnel, it may feel like I’ll never taste the sun again
Feel the rays on my skin and know later it may burn but not care because in that moment, I no longer need to beg
Beg to see the sun again


  1. Very good poem. You have me worried with the dark thoughts and feelings.. You will feel the sun again and also the darkness of the tunnel. That is what life is all about, the ups and downs. Enjoy the rain because it makes the sunshines glow all the more rewarding.

  2. Hi Dylan;
    I think that a lot of people can relate to your piece in the sense that many of us can remember a time in our lives where we felt as if we were in a dark place.but,that eventually we were able to see rays of light emerge once again. I would like to reinforce what Mrs. E wrote where she`s state that life is full of ups and Downs. I especially liked the way in which you ended your Poem .

  3. Dylan,

    I cannot help but wonder if we - the coordinators of Project Write - might set the tone for a piece like "Tunnel." Our field trips have focused on subjects like the Yellow Fever Epidemic, the death and tragedy that inspired Edgar Allan Poe, the suffering undergone by prisoners at Eastern State Penitentiary, and oppression that women and enslaved Africans faced in early American history. These subjects may or may not have anything to do with the words you put together for this emotionally moving poem, but I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on the subject. As a participant, your feedback is highly valued.

  4. Tunnels are part of our journey-your descriptions made me imagine being on the El. While it’s call the “El” because it is an elevated line-it still runs underground between 2nd and 5th streets-right by the Liberty bell. Coincidence? Always reach for the light.

  5. This poem packs a punch because it constantly refuses to give readers what they expect. Readers expect for light to be inspirational, and discovering confidence to be a good thing, etc. But the poem forces readers to experience confusion and discomfort similar to what the narrator is feeling.
    The pain in this poem is so visceral because it brings us into a world in which everything feels like it's the opposite of what it should be and all the "right" answers seem to be wrong. So powerful.

  6. Your choice of language evokes imagery of someone or an idea of looking within/inward, coming into one's identity, and being morally grounded. The poem is powerful to those seeking both to know their own self worth and to have humility as well. Excellent writing!