Thursday, August 3, 2017


By: Fionna Farrell

The softer the touch,
The harder the words;
Your hands are feathers
That tickle me awake
From a sombre sleep
That make my skin glow
And my soul hum
To the rhythm of
Your hypnotic song
But the words that
Escape your mouth
Are lined with daggers
That gnaw on my bones
And seep into my blood
With every squeeze
Of the shoulder
An “I don’t know’
With every draped arm
An “I don’t think so”
With every hug goodbye
A whispered “I’m sorry.”
As the velvet of your fingers
Fades into night air,
The weight of what’s said
Hangs atop my shoulders
Pressing until one day
It can be lifted by
Words from another,
Words incomparably sweeter,
Words that last longer
Than your touch


  1. I don't know the inspiration for this poem, but I found it powerful. Speaks to me about the double-edged sword of love and the struggle to reclaim self-worth. I think will stick with me...

  2. Hi, Fiona;
    I also found your Poem to be quite powerful. I think that you were very effective in conveying the power of words and the emotions that they can bring forth. I was particularly impressed with the Line which reads;" The weight of what`s said Hangs atop my shoulders Pressing until one day it can be lifted by Words from another. " Great work

  3. Very interesting poem. You drew me in very quickly. Keep writing.

  4. I love how the second part of the poem is filled with conflicting images that create such tension: something as comforting as a squeeze or a hug always accompanied by dismissive words or an apology. But my favorite image is the one of words "lined with daggers/that gnaw on my bones." So vivid and captivating.