Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Words of a Revolution

Words of a Revolution
By: Paul Stowell

Today we are free
Free from the cruelties that once constricted us
Independent from the struggles of our past 
With a world of water between us and yesterday's suffering.

Now we start anew  
Eager to embark on this long awaited adventure
Surrounded by uncharted territory and unwritten history
Within a land of limitless opportunity 

The war was won
Our freedom has been declared 
And as we begin to fulfill our dreams of the past
One can only imagine what the future holds


  1. This poem reminds me about how powerful certain words are in the American lexicon - freedom, revolution, independence, opportunity. These are words that permeate the American experience.

  2. Hi, Paul;
    In reading your piece entitled:"words of a Revolution" I couldn`t resist thinking about the Founders of the United States and how they may have felt immediately after the end of the War for Independence. I love the sentence that reads "with a world of water between us and yesterday`s suffering" I appreciate the way in which you convey the hope that comes with Revolution.

  3. Not everyone was free. We had a lot of growing up to do first. I like you line, "Eager to embark on this long awaited adventure." If we look at the history of this country as an adventure, it makes a clearer picture. We may have won the war but we were not fair in our goal to fulfill our dreams. We often took what was not ours from the natives and almost destroyed them.